"REMINDER" Clothing store closes this Sunday Oct 3rd

01 Oct 2021

Dear Members

Cuore have just upgraded their website and ordering proceedure.

This will make it easier for members to place orders and enable you record your order and look back at previous orders and clothing sizes.

The clothing store will be opening 

The store will close Sunday 3rd October, so get your order in now.

The link below will take you to the landing page for the shop.

To create an order you will need to create an account which records your delivery details. 

 To place your order click on this link.

Due to Covid - 19 there is no free delivery. Postage is set to a Flat rate of $10 for each order. When the orders are dispatch they will be delivered directly to each customer so no one has to touch it. The packaging used is really nice too.


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