About Us

The Parramatta Cycling Club was formed in 1963 and welcomes all who have a love for cycling. The Club aims to provide the best service and support to our members no matter if you are new to the sport of cycling or an elite rider. We aim to be the most friendly, inclusive and supportive cycling club in Western Sydney facilitating social and competitive cycling opportunities for cyclists of all ages.

Socially we organise numerous group rides throughout the year including monthly ‘Mini-Fondo’ style rides and 'Gran-Fondo' rides twice a year. There are also weekly training rides. 

Race events are held throughout the year, especially our Winter Road Series at Oakville. Most races are graded and so suit all levels of fitness. Entry fees apply for each race. Prize money and other prizes are awarded. New members wishing to try the sport should seek help from race officials or enquire via members.parramattacc@gmail.com.  

To find a ride, race or event, check out our Event Calendar. Updates are sent via email when you join as a member and posted on our Facebook pages. 

The club has produced champion members including: Brad McGee - Olympian and Tour De France; Geoff Stoker – World Masters Champion: Kate Bates - Olympian & Commonwealth Games; Peter Brooks - Para Olympian; Natalie Bates - World Road Championships; Skye Lee Armstrong - Junior World Track Championships and Simone Kennedy Para Olympian. Other current Parramatta members who have successfully competed at the International level include Keith Oliver, Rodney McGee, Kerrie Crisp, Jennifer Manefield, Trent Wilson and David Harrigan.

 The Club Values: Safety & health; Diversity & inclusion; Fun, family & community; Integrity & good sportsmanship as well as Upholding community standards. 

 If you would like to become a member of one of Sydney’s longest standing cycling clubs you can do it here: /club/join-renew.aspx we would love to have you along for the ride.   

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please send us an email to: members.parramattacc@gmail.com or via Facebook messenger.



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