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The Club organises weekly races throughout the year. The road season runs from April to September and races are held on either the Oakville or combined with Licombe, Bankstown or Penrith.


A Grade 50.0 km
B Grade 40.0 km
C Grade 30.0 km
D Grade 26.0 km
Under 9, 11 yrs 3.5 km
Under 13, 15 yrs 7.0 km




Masters/ Elite/ Junior 19 $20:00
Junior 13 – 17 $5:00
Sign-on time FROM 1:00pm
Racing starts at 2:00pm



  • Must be a current affiliated member of Cycling Australia
  • Must hold a current racing licence which is to be sighted when entering events.

Having the right clothing makes racing all the more enjoyable, club colours are blue and gold. To get yourself a jersey and set of knicks, click >here< for more information.

Please note: These colours must be worn when riding Open Carnivals.

All types of bikes may be used in our Club events including mountain bikes and BMX (especially for our younger riders). Senior track races are restricted to fixed gear bikes for safety. Your handicap is also dependent upon the type of bike you are riding. Junior gear ratios apply according to each age group under nineteen years.

Parramatta Cycling Club Safe Training & Riding Program

Parramatta Cycling Club conducts training and mentoring sessions at Merrylands Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
These sessions provide Junior as well as senior riders with a safe enviroment to hone their cycling skills with the assistance of skilled coaches and many other PCC members with their years of experience.

Monday nights Juniors Only fron 6:00 - 7:00PM
All new junior riders are welcome, just bring your bike along it dosent matter what type of bike you have.
Everyone is welcome to have a go and if you dont have a bike PCC has a number of loan bikes for junior riders.

Wednesday Night 6:00 - 8:00PM
This a great training night in a safe enviroment on a well lit track.
All welcome just bring your Road or Track Bike or if you just want to try racing on a track why not bring your mountain bike to get a feel for how a cycling can bring many years of enjoyment.



Winter Road Racing - Oakville Public School, Ogden Road, Oakville NSW

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Oakville Elevations


Merrylands Oval

Summer Track Racing and all year training

Burnett St, Merrylands, NSW

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Dunc Gray Velodrome, Carysfield Rd - Bass Hill

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East Kurrajong Race CCT

Open road racing circuit map.

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East Kurrajong Circuit

Course Profiles (click on the links below)

- Quarry Rd - Kurrajong CCT

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