Member Support Policy


This policy sets out how the Parramatta Cycling Club (PCC) will provide support to its members.


PCC supports active members' through the following program of financial assistance. The club does not however have unlimited financial means so the programs detailed below will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee and its delegated officers.

Under 23’s

For all members under 23 years of age PCC will:

● reimburse 100% of AusCycling license fees.

● reimburse 100% of one set of PCC Jersey and Knicks annually.

General Members

For all members PCC will:

● reimburse 100% of event registrations for all members for Opens, State Championships and National Events and contribute to the reasonable costs of travel and accommodation to these events.

● reimburse 50%up to $100 of all other event registrations including Gran-Fondos, local inter club races etc.


Expectation of Recipients of Racing/Ride Funding Recipients of race or ride funding are expected to:

  • promote PCC at the event;
  • where appropriate to wear PCC club kit (for clarity this expectation excludes situations where riders are in state or national kit or where they are riding for corporate sponsors and have associated kit obligations); and
  • provide race reports on PCC social media and or email





All applications for support are to be made by email to the Secretary PCC at stating:

  • Relevant supporting information, ie memberships/race registrations/estimated travel costs.
  • Bank account details for receipt of funds (Account Name, BSB and ACN).
  • A commitment to meet the above expectations.


The PCC Secretary will assess applications on the basis of the financial standing of the club at the time of the request and the merit of the application.

  • Applications under $500 may be approved by the Secretary.
  • Applications over $500 must be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee.

Applicants are encouraged to provide details well in advance of the proposed events to enable them to be considered and any resulting financial assistance paid.




Signature of the President

Approved by Executive Committee on 8 September 2022





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