14 Jul 2021

New upgrades to Parramatta Park will see the majority of vehicles removed from within the Park’s core in order to provide more space for people to safely walk and cycle, and reduce conflict between different modes of transport.

Proposed Upgrade

The proposed upgrade, called the “People’s Loop” will remove cars from much of the existing internal road within Parramatta Park.  This enables the current pedestrian and bike lanes to be widened and more families and children to cycle or walk safely for fun or fitness.

The main objective of this proposal is to:

  • increase Park safety by minimising conflict between differing modes of transport
  • provide a dedicated and safe, car-free, pedestrian and cycling loop
  • preserve and enhance the heritage and amenity of the Park
  • accommodate increasing visitation to the Park

Accessibility By Car

With car parks being removed from within the core of the park, it’s proposed new carpark hubs will be built around the Parks boundaries to allow access to key destinations. The Parramatta Park Trust have ensured there will be no net reduction in available car parking. 

Overall $2.5 million is currenting being invested into Parramatta Park to make it more user friendly. 

“It’s fantastic to see parks prioritising the safe movement of people and creating safe car-free spaces for them to enjoy. With these proposed upgrades, Parramatta Park will be further transformed into a safe and fun recreational centre for its visitors,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

You can follow the progress of Parramatta Park here.  

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