Results Oakville Road Series Race 1 April 23 2022

23 Apr 2022

A big thank you to all the riders who competed in the first race of the PCC Oakville Road Series.

Congratulations to all placegetters with a special mention to Peter Milostic PenrithCC first A Grade and his son Lindon who was placed first in C Grade while riding his first road race.

The race was held in perfect weather over very rough rain damaged roads, fortunately all riders managed to finish without incident.

A Grade 7 Laps 50.4 km

1st Peter Milostic. Penrith CC

2nd Ben Dyball.   Penrith CC

3rd Chris Ball NWCC

4th Andre Dubier LACC

B Grade 6 Laps 43.2 km

1st James Lee PLCC

2nd Rob Drummond LACC

3rd Mark Rowley Peloton

4th Sam Gibbons PLCC

C Grade 5 Laps 36.0 km

1st Lindon Milostic Penrith CC

2nd Anthony Petterson PLCC

3rd Chris Chow Warratah Masters

4th Tom Matley  Marconi CC

D Grade 4 Laps 28.8 km

1st Evan Stephenson PCC

2nd Peter Skamperle PCC

3rd Indigo Rowley Peloton

4th Jeff Scott Penrith CC

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