The attacking began on Lap 2 with 2 riders away.

05 Sep 2020

Parramatta Cycling Club

Results Oakville 5/9/20

 A Grade  - 7 laps 50.4 Kilometres

22 Starters

1st Place;    Nash Kent – Park Life CC   Time 71 minutes 22 seconds

2nd Place;    James Everett – Park Life CC

3rd Place;    Rylee Field – NSCC

Lap Times 10.19 – 9.39 – 10.15 – 9.54 – 10.19 -  10.44 – 10.10

The attacking began on Lap 2 with 2 riders away. With 5 riders already feeling the pressure and being off the back of the bunch never to return. On lap 3 this ended up being a solos away with Rylee Field applying plenty of pain.

Ryle eventually returned to the bunch with 2 laps to go and a breather was taken until the last lap when 3 riders managed to again get off the front of the main group. This small break held onto the margin until the finish. 

B Grade – 6 Laps 43.2 kilometres

28 Starters

1st Place;    Brain Appleyard - Parramatta              Time 66 minutes and 1 second

2nd Place;    Jacob Van Egmond – Peloton Sports

3rd Place;    Daniel Bernard – Waratahs

Lap Times 11.01 – 10.59 – 11.05 – 11.20 – 11.08 – 10.28

The bunch stated together until the final sprint although spread out along the road. Brian proved that once a sprinter, always a sprinter and powered to victory.

C Grade – 5 laps 36 kilometres

17 Starters

1st Place;    Rusom Okubazgi - Parramatta  Time 61.25

2nd Place;   Justin Lam – Park Life CC

3rd Place;    Richard Sansom – Park Life CC

Lap Times 12.54 – 11.53 – 12.08 – 12.17 – 12.13

Rusom having his first race showed plenty potential with a clear margin of victory over Justin and Richard, and a quick promotion into B Grade for his next race.

D Grade  - 4 laps 28.8 kilometres

9 Starters.

1st Place;    Joseph Lovett – Penrith CC  Time 52.55

2nd Place;    Glen Sanford - NWSCC

3rd Place;    Ewan Layton - Parramatta

Lap times 14.05 – 14.20 – 12.29 – 12.04

W what appears now to be a couple of leisurely laps, the pace increased significantly with A Grade passing D Grade on the road and the competitive stay in touch attitude shone through. With a chase within the chase happening, 3 riders off the front trying to chase A Grade and the balance of the group chasing them. Eventually the run to the line was a battle of young winning out against older rivals and acknowledgement form the handicapper that all 3 placegetters can look forward to their next outing in C Grade.

Parramatta CC would like to thank Park Life Cycling Club for their support at today’s racing with 30 riders in attendance on what was a wonderful sunny afternoon for racing.   

Proud supporters and sponsors