COVID-19 Update: Proposed 2020 NSW racing calendar

30 Apr 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted many parts of our lives. The 2020 cycling season has been no exception.

 Thankfully, Cycling NSW is in a strong position to deal with the challenges created by the pandemic. Ever since we took proactive steps to suspend racing six weeks ago, we have been preparing for its return later this year.

Cycling NSW can now present a proposed State Open calendar for the balance of the season.

As you would understand, in these times any such calendar can only be so certain.

Parts of our community have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Many event sponsors are local businesses that are fighting for survival. Our events rely on volunteer power, but right now some of them are, understandably, unable to contribute as much as they would like. Road racing relies on approval from local authorities, some of which have reduced their staff capacity. Cycling Australia has also been forced to reassess its national race schedule.

Our calendar, therefore, can only be tentative. It is subject to a range of uncertain factors, not least of which is the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings and sport generally. We will, of course, update you as and when any changes are made.

The calendar assumes that racing will be allowed to recommence by August 2020. To this end, Cycling NSW has been talking with government representatives to expedite a return to group riding, small events, and, eventually, full-scale racing. We will continue advocating to maximise your opportunity to do what you love, safely.

While acknowledging these uncertainties, Cycling NSW has been consulting with host clubs and event promoters to create a calendar that accommodates everybody. We thank those clubs and promoters for working alongside us in this difficult time.

We’ve proposed a compressed calendar that aims to maintain as many marquee events as possible. Some races will not run this year due to lack of space in the schedule. That is unavoidable. However, in preparing this calendar we have sought to balance the interests across our diverse community, giving opportunities to juniors, elites and masters.

Like you, we eagerly look forward to returning to racing soon. If government restrictions allow, we expect to return with club racing before launching into these state opens. In any case, we hope this proposed calendar gives you a helpful indication of where cycling is heading for the rest of this extraordinary year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 

Graham Seers

CEO, Cycling NSW

Click on the link below to see the proposed calendar. 

Proposed 2020 Cycling NSW State Open Calendar

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