Tour of August Saturday 22 August

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Large fields attended this years Tour of August with good racing in perfect conditions.

  Tour of August 22 Aug 2015      
  A Grade    51Km     
  1 P Milostic     74.21  
  2 B Dyball        
  3 A Fell        
  KOM P Milostic        
  B Grade   44Km     
  1 M Anderson   71.03  
  2 T Brown        
  3 Z Jamal        
  KOM A O'Reilly        
  C Grade   36Km      
  1 G Ironside     60.33  
  2 K Young        
  3 W Fraser        
  KOM G Ironside        
  First Woman J Somerville      
  D Grade   29Km      
  1 F Carbone   53.42  
  2 R Riley        
  3 G Smith        
  KOM R Riley        
  First Woman A Whitten        
  E Grade   22Km      
  1 H Hurst     42.50  
  2 A Whittle        
  3 C Wilkins        
  KOM R Turner        
  First Woman S Teran        

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