PCC Annual General Meeting and Election of Committee Officers to be held in Feburary

14 Jan 2024

The date of the AGM is pending the availability the venue at Club Parramatta. Members will be notified as soon as we get a date.

All financial members can put forward nominations or nominate themselves for any position on the management committee.

Being part of the PCC management committee is very rewarding and can give members the oppotunity to put forward new ideas that will benifit our club for years to come. 

Listed below are the positions that will be made vacant prior to the election of officers.


The President is the principal leader of the PCC. The president should drive the
Executive Committee to define a vision for the future direction of the club & monitor
the execution of that vision. The president is someone who can communicate
effectively, is well organised and supportive to all club members.

Vice President
The Vice President works closely with the president & assumes the President's duties
if necessary. They are also a key influencer to help deliver the vision for the club and
perform other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Committee.

The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer for PCC. Preparing the yearly
budgets, managing the clubs finances and providing monthly reports. Ideally the
treasurer should have a financial background.

The Secretary is the chief administration officer of the PCC. This person provides the
coordinating link between members, the Executive Committee and external
organisations and businesses.

Membership Officer
The Membership Secretary liaises with Cycling Australia on membership issues,
answers member questions and links members to the Executive Committee.

Social Officer
This person looks after the social wellbeing of the club, linking members through social
activities. The social officer also assists in setting the clubs direction.

PCC Positions 2
Club Captains
The Club Captains are the face of the club to the PCC members. The captains set an
example of sportsmanship, participation and exemplify club spirit while representing
members internally, at non-club races, and key events. We are looking for 2 club
captains one male & one female.

Racing Officer
The Racing Officer is responsible for the scheduling and smooth running of club races.
Organising racing venues old & new. Assists in developing the race calendar and
organise race resources. An understanding of bike racing would be advantageous but
not essential, as you will have assistance.

Club Handicapper
The Club Handicapper works closely with the Racing Officer and is responsible for
ensuring the correct grading of members in all club events (both road and criterium)
and all open events.

Clothing Officer
The Clothing Officer of the PCC is responsible for the management of club clothing.
This includes selecting clothing suppliers & design revisions.

Communications Officer
The communications officer is responsible for communicating to club members in a
timely fashion using a mix of the website, direct email and Facebook while keeping the
overall look, feel and message cohesive. Ensures that the website domain name
registration and web hosting is current and renewed promptly, maintains the club’s
email addresses and account and liaises with Facebook collaborators.

Club Coach /Junior Development Officer
The Club Coach / Junior Development Officer is responsible for overseeing the
organisation and development of coaching & the junior program. Has a good
understanding about the needs of juniors and ways in which the club can best manage
its junior group. The club coach need to have coaching qualifications or be prepared
to get qualifications.

Sponsor Liaison Officer
Club Sponsor Liaisons of PCC are responsible for negotiating meaningful sponsorship
arrangements with the aim of creating optimal value for all parties through advertising
and communication of sponsored club activities and events to club members. The Club
Sponsor Liaison Officer should always be on the look out for new sponsorship
opportunities as sponsors come and go; Liaise with the Club Secretary; Liaise with
existing and future sponsors; Negotiate sponsored programs, activities and events;
Ensure sponsorship contracts are completed and signed; Liaise with the Club
Communications Officer.

Proud supporters and sponsors