Oakville Results First race of the season

22 Aug 2020

Parramatta Cycling Club

Results Oakville 22/8/20


A Grade  - 7 laps 50.4 Kilometres

9 Starters

1st Place;    Peter Wakefield   Time 76 minutes 18 seconds

2nd Place;    Taylor Forrest – Marconi

3rd Place;    Andre Dubier – LACC

After a leisurely first lap the pace progressively got quicker until Peter Went solo after 4 laps. With the chasing group splintering creating a lack of teamwork within the group to try and pull Peter back he went on to win by 3 minutes with a 4 up sprint for the minor placings.

B Grade – 6 Laps 43.2 kilometres

22 Starters

1st Place;    Matt Hale – SU Velo              Time 57.17

2nd Place;    Glen Vermaak - Penrith

3rd Place;    David Moore – NWSCC

After a steady start the pace increased on lap 3 with 1 rider away at the end of the lap. A group of 3 then formed off the front and managed to stay away from the chasing bunch. A contested finish with Matt proving to strong.

C Grade – 5 laps 36 kilometres

13 Starters

1st Place;    Andrew Copeman - Parramatta  Time 65.20

2nd Place;    Nick Drew - NWSCC

3rd Place;    ? Number not corresponding with sign on sheet

C Grade was given the task of trying to catch D grade which had a low number of starters. This was achieved in the final straight for all but one rider. Andrew at his first race managed to out sprint the pack for a comfortable win and immediate promotion into B Grade.

D Grade  - 4 laps 28.8 kilometres

5 Starters.

1st Place;    Rob Twyerould – NWSCC Time 53.25


2nd Place;    Richard Field - Parramatta

3rd Place;    Ella Hussein  - NSCC

Rob managed to ride away from the group after 1 lap and continue to increase his margin over the following laps. The only question was if he could stay away from the C Grade chase which he also managed to do. Given the windy conditions it was a strong solo effort, but he won’t be sneaking back to D grade anytime soon.



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