Parramatta Police have approached the Club with the following message:

02 Jul 2020

Dear members,

 Parramatta Police have approached the Club with the following message:

 “A user of Parramatta park approached police indicating that cyclists in Parramatta Park are riding in large groups (pre-covid), riding in a manner dangerous and riding at speeds faster than the posted speed limit (30km/h). There was a comment that a timing system was seen to be used on some ride groups.

 I wanted to enquire if it is possible to email or use social media to contact your members to give a general communication on their use of Parramatta Park and to make sure they are riding in a safe manner so as not to cause issues with pedestrians. We are not making any accusations of your club, rather than attempting to get the message across to everyone in the most effective way possible.

If you know of another club or group using the park, could you please let me know so I can communicate to them as well.

As riders start to return to riding in the park , we hope that we can make sure there are no issues ongoing.”

 Members: please do your utmost to promote safe cycling and sharing of Parramatta Park.

 PCC is aware of the other cycling clubs using the park and has passed on this message to them.

 Finally, when you are out cycling and proudly wearing your Club kit, be mindful that you are drawing attention to the Club by the way you are cycling. The Club does not condone breaking the law under any circumstance.

 We thank you for your cooperation.

 Parramatta CC Executive Committee

Proud supporters and sponsors