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Freedom Wheels are custom bikes for kids and adults living with a disability who cannot ride a standard bike. The team of skilled staff and volunteers design, build and deliver the bikes to suit the physical and cognitive needs of the individual.

Many of our clients can’t stand or walk unaided but with the help of their Freedom Wheels bike they can experience the independence and joy that cycling has to offer. 

Mitch is 16 years old and lives with Cerebral Palsy. He received his first bike when he was three years old and has since joined his local cycling club, just completed his 7th Spring Cycle event and just last year climbed Mount Kosciuszko all with the help of his Freedom Wheels bike.

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Parramatta Cycling Club & Freedom Wheels


Moon is an 8-year old little girl with right hemiplegia as a result of a hemispherectomy (a very rare neurosurgical procedure) in March 2018 to eliminate the severity and frequency of her seizures. She is a happy and determined little girl who loves outdoor activities and making friends. Her procedure has resulted in right sided weakness and reduced balance and coordination. This prevents her from riding a standard bicycle.


Her family identified that their goal is for Moon to develop greater social networks and have greater inclusion in the community, through participating in activities such as cycling with friends and family.


Moons’ Mum said: “I can’t thank Parramatta Cycling Club enough for sponsoring the Freedom Wheels bike for Moon, it will help Moon’s wellbeing and enter a new stage of everyday life….it will be the best birthday gift ever."





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