Hand Cycling

Hand Cycling

Hand-Cycling was first introduced into the Paralympics in China 2008. They raced the time-trial and road race.

There are four classifications: H1 (quads), H2 (low thoracic), H3 (high thoracic and ambulant who can sit), H4 (all disabilities that can only kneel).

The H3, H4 can time-trial averaging up to 38-40 klm per hour.

H2s about 34-36 klm per hour.

Garry Foley introduced Hand-Cycling to the Parramatta Cycling Club in 2012 and the Parramatta Club executive supports the sport as part of our cycling program.

Garry has been training the Sydney based Hand-Cyclists for 4 years.

Glenn Bennett H1 twice National Champion.

Ron Gibson H2 twice bronze, and currently running 2nd in National Hand-Cycling championships.

In 2012 Hand-Cycling was introduced on the flat track at Merrylands Oval and this was the first ever Hand-Cycling track championships possibly anywhere in the world.

The competition was conducted by Cycling NSW as a Ominium championships.

Future plans for the sport in NSW are to build on the success of the State Hand-Cycling championships. Hopefully all other states will follow suit and continue building our Hand-Cycling base for time-trial and road races.

Hand-Cycling is one of the fastest growing disability based sports in the world. Able bodied athletes can also compete in hand cycles (in club and invitational competitions only).

Training is held at Parramatta Park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from about 3:30pm until 5:00pm.

For more information contact www.members.parramatta@gmail.com

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