PCC Support for Junior Riders

27 Apr 2022

Parramatta is proud to assist juniors, like Deren, & elite riders with competition expenses. We just ask you send us a request for assistance to If you can list the events you compete in and estimate of costs. We love it if you wear club kit but understand you may have other obligations to teams & major sponsors.

PCC wishes Malachi Covington well on his adventure to Belgium, initially racing with Bridgelane & then Belgium clubs.
This is great experience for him. Look out when he comes back!!!
Steve has fitted him out with club kit for the trip, so keep an eye out for Malachi in Belgium

Thank you message from Shaun Perry

I would like to say a big thank you to the Parramatta Cycling Club, their sponsors and its members for the on-going support they have provided over the past year both financially and in kind.

Without the support the club has in place for its members and especially the juniors I would not have been able to participate in nearly as many events as I would have liked to and it is greatly appreciated by both myself and my parents.

A major reason that I moved to Parramatta was the amount of support shown to me as a junior rider on the Universe Rides every Saturday morning and it is alway awesome to see that support continue on to other juniors from the local area who join in on these rides every week no matter what club colours they ride in.  It is also great to know that the club has in place financial support for especially junior riders but also all members that are out racing in big events representing the club.

Thanks again for all the on-going support

         Deren Perry

Proud supporters and sponsors