Welcome to our October update & call for assistance in 2021

28 Oct 2020

Dear members

Welcome to our October update & call for assistance in 2021

The main items are:

  1. The executives proposal for AGM

  2. Desperate need for new Race Secretary/Handicapper & Vice president

  3. Club ride 29 November

  4. First Aid Training

  5. Racing coordinator

It is an understatement to say this year has been different. With Covid 19 we have had to seriously curtail the clubs activities. We were unable to hold our annual Easter Ride & regular group rides on the racing front 8 of 12 race days had to be cancelled. Once Covid 19 restrictions were eased the first of our four remaining race dates was dedicated to the juniors event run by LACC .The last 3 races were fantastic events with large fields.

 Proposal for AGM

We have decided not to tempt fate and organize an end of year social dinner, which usually includes the AGM & presentation night.

In its place, as we need to give members information, we will put out an information pack before 14 November.

As part of the AGM club positions are up for election. We are looking for new people in all roles even if people have indicated they will stand again. Its simple just drop me your nomination at (Your name, Position you would like, and why) keep it short. 


2020 Office Bearers

Will stand in 2021

Club Patron

Julie Owens



Paul McDonald


Vice Presidents

Peter Barraket



Phil Gates 


Membership Officer

Stephen Jones



Michael Meryment


Race Secretary/ Handicapper

Peter Vidler


Social Officer

Stuart Lobb


Club Captains

Trent Wilson / Kevin Berkley

Yes / Yes

Website co-ordination/ Media officer

Bob Shields


Sponsor Liaison

Mike Ellis


Club Coach

Neil Ramsay


Assistant Coaches

Trent Wilson / Peter Brooks / David Beatty


Club Clothing Officer

Steve Collyer


Junior Development Officers

Neil Ramsay / Paul McDonald


NSWCF Council Delegates

Paul McDonald / Ron Peek


Club Commissaires

Ron Peek / Andrew Docking



 Race Secretary/Handicapper & Vice President

Peter Vidler & Peter Barraket have done great jobs but for various reasons can’t continue in 2021.

We desperately need to fill these 2 rolls. If we are unable to get a handicapper we will not be able to hold the Oakville road races between April & September next year.

Please send your nomination to (Your name, and why) keep it short. 

Club Ride

As we missed our annual Easter Ride we will have a ride on a similar route. The proposed date is Sunday 29 November. Stay tuned for more information.

First Aid Training


Whether on the road, bush, track racing training or social accidents happen and first aid knowledge can save you mates life. The club will pay for your training. All we ask is that you assist on 1 race day at during the race season at Oakville. Places are limited so nominate early to (Your name, Position you would like, and why) keep it short. 

Racing Coordinator

Parramatta Cycling Club has a proud racing history producing world class racers. We would like to bring back these days and are looking for one or more motivated persons to coordinate racing & training to get Parramatta back to the top. Again please send your nomination to (Your name, and why) keep it short.

Proud supporters and sponsors