Results Oakville September 19th 2020

19 Sep 2020

Results Oakville 19/9/20

 A Grade  - 7 laps 50.4 Kilometres

7 Starters

1st Place;    Tom Chester – Canberra Cycling Club.    Time 75 minutes 40 seconds

2nd Place;    Peter Wakefield - Penrith

3rd Place;    Deren Perry – Parramatta

Lap Times 10.15 – 10.55 – 10.31 – 10.44 – 11.06 -  11.09 – 10.56

Unfortunately on the 2nd lap 2 riders suffered punctures.

A headwind up the home straight and climb to the top corner meant extra efforts from those left. This resulted in the 1st two placegetters able to establish break and they continued on from there. Over the closing stages on the last lap Tom proved too strong for Peter and was able to ride away for a comfortable win.

 B Grade – 6 Laps 43.2 kilometres

26 Starters

1st Place;    Eban Vermaak - NWSCC              Time 67 minutes and 30 seconds

2nd Place;    Jack Strbik - Penrith

3rd Place;    Jeff Morton – Waratahs

Lap Times 11.00 – 11.17 – 10.59 – 11.16 – 11.50 – 11.08

The bunch stated together for the majority on the race. On the last lap Jack attacked up the hill trying to ride away from the bunch. Whilst the bunch made contacted near the bottom corner Jack had done significant damage to the group. Eban was abel to outsprint Jack to the line with Jeff making ground late. 

C Grade – 5 laps 36 kilometres

15 Starters

1st Place;    Kevin Young - Parramatta  Time 60 minutes 16 seconds

2nd Place;   Aramis Vonjic – Penrith

3rd Place;    Phil Kable – Park Life CC

Lap Times 13.07 – 12.17 – 11.47 – 11.02 – 11.58

With 3 laps to go the pace quickened spreading out the field. 3 riders managed to get off the front and hold an advantage over the chasing group. 1st and 2nd place came from this group with Kevin Young showing his sprinting prowess to win comfortably over Aramis.  Phil managed to outsprint the remainder of the bunch for 3rd.


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