Dear Members, 2019 has been a great year for the club.

30 Dec 2019

Dear Members,

2019 has been a great year for the club. A big thank you for continuing to support the Club by attending Club races, bunch rides and social events as well as representing the club at other races and championships.

Special recognition to our juniors who have made the club proud on the road & track at state & national titles. Thanks to Samantha Beatty, Deren, Jade & Lara Perry, Josh Brodie & Finlay Moutter. We hope to see great things in 2020.


Our Masters too have represented the Club with outstanding success - congratulations to Kevin Berkley, Robert Young, Geoff Stoker, Jill Lloyd, Mike Ellis, Adam Lloyd, Maurice Shannon.

Of course we couldn’t have achieved all this without the support of our great sponsors. So if you are thinking of a new bike, parts or service go to Velocipede. If you are In the market for a new car see the guys at Lexus & Toyota of Parramatta. For all your printing of specialist packaging & labels get hold of the guys at Luminar. We all need a shot of coffee from Mongrel Joe’s from time to time. Ian can fix up you smile at Blacktown Family Dental. And finally for all your glazing needs contact Kym Maree at Fields Glass & Glazing.

Committee Update.

There is a changing of the guard this year at the AGM in November, with the resignation from committee roles of Robert Bates & Paul Crotty.

Robert Bates has resigned as treasurer after 56 years of active involvement. As a foundation member he & wife Judy have guided the club in their various roles throughout the years.  He will be missed, but don’t worry he will still make appearances at racing as commissaire. Also stepping down after more than 45 years is Paul Crotty. Paul’s has been our handicapper & timer for all my time in the club. Again I’m sure we will see Paul, with trusty chair on race days and riding from time to time. Lets not forget these guys were great racers before many of us even knew what a bike was.

Your committee for 2020

President – Paul McDonald 

Vice President - Peter Barraket

Treasurer – Michael Meryment

Secretary - Phil Gates

Handicapper/Race Coordinator – Peter Vidler

Membership – Stephen Jones, etc.

Social Officer – Stuart Lobb

Web Site & Communication – Robert Shields

Sponsor Liaison – Mike Ellis

Club Coach – Neil Ramsay

Assistant Coaches – David Beatty, Trent Wilson, Peter Brooks

Club Clothing Officer – Steve Collyer

Junior Development Officers – Neil Ramsey, Paul McDonald

NSWCF Council Delegates - Paul McDonald / Ron Peek

Club Commissaires - Rob Bates, Ian Hood, Ron Peek, Andrew Docking, David Beatty & Shaun Perry are doing the course & will be needed

Status of AusCycling

You may have heard that a shake up of our parent organisation, Cycling Australia, is being undertaken. Structurally, the proposal is to create 1 national cycling body, called AusCycling, that encompasses Road & Track, Mountain bikes & BMX. There would be offices in each state that would have members of each discipline. Acceptance was required from a majority of states in both Road & Track, MTB & BMX. MTB already has a national model which makes it simpler for them.

As it stands WA, Tas & NSW voted against the proposal, therefore Cycling Australia will stay in place and will not merge into AusCycling. The reason seems to be mainly financial, all state bodies would loose their state funding and AusCycling did not have a funding model that would fill the void & fund the state activities. In NSW, we would loose Cycling NSW and it is not clear what would happen to all the functions that they perform: including Junior development, running races for large club events, state titles, Gran Fondo’s such as B2B etc. NSW would loose grants from NSW Government & there would be hidden costs for running events if we are forced to use entry boss. This left members like you and me at a severe disadvantage.

However, Cycling NSW & all agree that there are positives to the AusCycling model:

ü  One licence for road, track Mountain & BMX  (Not contentious – All agree good)

ü  Ability to attract a corporate sponsor to cover all cycling (Not contentious – All agree good)

ü  Unified promotion of the sport (Not contentious – All agree good)

ü  Ability to lobby for facilities (Not contentious – All agree good)

ü  Direct Investment in securing facilities & Infrastructure

ü  National footprint for all disciplines

ü  Bike education program to get more people riding

ü  National Volunteer Recognition program

ü  Remove levels of bureaucracy

So what now? Until AusCycling can get a solid financial plan in place, that has a life of more than 12 months & that provides NSW, WA & Tas with some surety that services to members will be maintained it is unlikely all will join.  This could be a moot point as currently there are not enough yes votes across all disciplines to start AusCycling. In an attempt to start Auscycling has requested BMX NSW vote again, to see if their no vote can be reversed. If successful, this would enable Auscyclng to start up.

Junior development

Neil has a great group of young riders on Monday nights at Merrylands oval. We would love to see you at Oakville or a Saturday morning ride. Dave has been getting results in conjunction with the Western Sydney Cycling Academy on Wednesday nights.

Social activities

The Easter Grand Fondo saw a fantastic turn out. Thanks to all our helpers & riders. We will do it again in 2020.


All who attended the presentation/social night, that followed the AGM had a great night. There were trophies in recognition of great performances, prizes & give-aways thanks to our sponsors.

As part of the presentation night we were pleased to induct Phil Lee & Neil Ramsay as PCC Life Members.

In 2020

In 2020 with your help we hope to the hope to:

  • Increase membership as each member gives us a greater voice when representing cyclists as well as increases visibility for cycling participation along with all the benefits of the sport. You can help by encouraging new riders to join & bring back old friends.
  • Increase the number of members racing. So please invite and encourage your fellow members to try racing.
  • Continue our commitment to assist people who represent PCC at state national & international events through financial and other support. Please do not hesitate to contact the Club for help.

Finally’ juniors are the future of any club and so we encourage all members to get involved in supporting our juniors and encouraging youngsters to ride a bicycle. Neil Ramsay would love to see more juniors training at Merrylands Oval on Monday nights which is a safe place for them.

2019 racing results

Samantha BEATTY            1st U/17W Club Championships

Lara PERRY                         1st U/13W Club Championships

Finley MOUTTER              1st U/23 Club Championships

Daniel JOLLER                    2nd U/23 Club Championships

Adam LLOYD                      1st Elite Men Club Championships

Ryan MUI                            2nd Elite Men Club Championships

Chris UBERGANG             1st MM1 Club Championships

Kevin BERKELEY               1st MM2 Club Championships and 3rd John Beatty Handicap

David KRUSZA                   1st MM3 Club Championships

Michael MERYMENT       2nd MM4 Club Championships

Matt CRAPP                      1st MM4 Club Championships

Jason WISEMAN              3rd MM4 Club Championships

Chris MOUTTER              1st MM5 Club Championships and 2nd Eddy Pearce Handicap

Steve McGARRITY           1st MM6 Club Championships and 2nd Bent Crank Handicap

Dominic SIMONETTA      3rd MM6 Club Championships

Mike ELLIS                           2nd MM6 Club Championships   

Phil GATES                          1st  MM7 Club Championships

Andrew DOCKING           3rd  MM7 Club Championships

Robert YOUNG                 2nd  MM7 Club Championships

Kevin YOUNG                    1st MM8 Club Championships

Steve JONES                      2nd  MM8 Club Championships

Scott LANG                         3rd Bent Crank Handicap

Peter SKAMPERLE           3rd John Beatty Handicap

Andre VAN DER HEYDE  2nd John Beatty Handicap

Point score

Robert Young – Lexus dine & Drive + $500

Chris Moutter - $250

Andre Van Der Heyde -  $100

George Bates Junior Trophy –

Deren Perry

 Phil Gates

Secretary - On behalf of the Executive Committee

A selection of images from club activities can be seen by Clicking this link.

Proud supporters and sponsors