Fantastic weather at Oakville with a new lap record.

28 Sep 2019


Results Oakville 24/8/19 – 33 Starters

A – B combined 6 laps Scratch Race 43.2 kilometres

A grade riders (4) gave a 3 minutes 30 seconds start to B Grade Bunch (10)

Race Time 67.38 Adjusted 64.08

1st Place;  Rylee Field  - Parramatta

2nd Place; Brenton Cooper - Penrith

3rd Place;  Ben Trojko - Parramatta

4th Place;   Chris Moutter - Parramatta

5th Place;    John Cooper - Penrith

An exceptionally quick start from the 3 A grade riders with 9 minutes 56 second first lap (the fastest lap time this year) followed with a 10 minute 14 second lap saw 2 of the 3 A grade riders pass the B Grade group at the end of the second lap. Despite a attempts from the B grade riders to go with the A grade riders this didn’t happen with Rylee and Brenton riding away. At the end of lap 3 Rylee had ridden away from Brenton and continued to increase the margin on the following laps with Brenton also increasing the distance to the chasing B grade riders. A group sprint finish for the minor placing with Ben proving to be the quickest.   



C Grade 5 Laps 37 kilometres. Race Time 66.09

1st Place;     Michael Attard - Parramatta

2nd Place;    Dave Jacobs - Marconi

3rd Place;    Chris Chow – Waratahs.

 With the juniors in the group putting on the hurt up the hill spinning their restricted gears eventually the gap came on lap 4. With 3 riders away at the bell and the bunch 150 metres behind the questions were asked over the final lap. Over the last lap Dave Jacobs was the only rider to successfully make the bridge just prior to the bottom corner. With the pace lifting again as the rest of the bunch closed in Michael, David and Chris were able to maintain a distance to the finish with Christian unable to match the power in the finishing kilometre with his restricted junior gearing finishing a great 4th.

 D Grade 5 laps 37 kilometres Race time 74.41.

1st Place;     Padraic McDermontt – PLCC .

2nd Place;    Rob Young – Parramatta 

3rd Place;    Lani Bennett - SU Vleo.. 

Solid bunch split between age and youth. Consistent lap times to the end resulted in a hotly contested sprint finish with Padraic proving the quickest finish.




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