Results Oakville 24/8/19 – 40 Starters

24 Aug 2019



A – B combined 6 laps Scratch Race 43.2 kilometres

A grade riders (4) gave a 90 second start to B Grade Bunch (17)

Race Time 66.28 Adjusted 63.58

1st Place;  Scott Trayhurn – Marconi

2nd Place; Finlay Moutter – Parramatta

3rd Place;  Ben Trojko - Parramatta

4th Place;    Andre Dubier - LACC

5th Place;     Ryan Miu – Parramatta

It took A Grade 2 laps to catch the B Grade bunch. At the beginning of lap 4 the bunch split going up the hill with pressure being applied by Scott and Finlay. By the top corner 1 group had become 3. The 5 placegetters being in group 1 than proceeded to stay away for the remainder of the race with the 2 other groups reforming as 1 by the end of lap 4.

Scott was able to ride away on the last lap to win by a comfortable margin, with a contested sprint for the minor placings.

The remainder of the riders finished 1 minutes 10 seconds behind.   


C Grade 5 Laps 37 kilometres. Race Time 66.36

1st Place;     Anthony Peterson – Parl Life CC

2nd Place;    Kai Goltman - LACC

3rd Place;    Jack Strbik - Penrith


C Grade had to deal with the exuberance of youth today with an early attack on the first hill climb. Whilst this fractured the bunch up the hill it quickly cane back together over the remainder of the lap. With some older heads calling the pace shots of the proceeding laps the group stayed and worked together for the remainder of the race to contest a willing sprint finish with Anthony  proving to strong for Kai  and Jack.


D Grade 5 laps 37 kilometres Race time 70.28.

1st Place;     Cooper Kwok – Penrith .

2nd Place;    Rob Young – Parramatta 

3rd Place;    Anna Dubier – LACC. 

Solid bunch split between age and youth. With a few finding the going a bit tough and also new to racing the bunch lost a few riders after lap 2. The remainder stayed together for a buch sprint at the end with Cooper edging out this year perennial placegetter Rob with Anna finishing 3rd






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