Results Oakville Race 3

11 May 2019

Parramatta Cycling Club

Results Oakville 11/5/19


A Grade 43.2k.

1st Place;   Simon Ball - Marconi   Time 63.20

2nd Place;   Scott Trayhurn -  Marconi

3rd Place;    Taylor Forrest - Marconi

B Grade 36.0k

1st Place;   Daniel Ballasone  - Park Life   Time 60.26

2nd Place;    Malachi Covington  - Marconi

3rd Place;    Jason Wiseman  - Penrith

C Grade 28.8k.

1st Place;    Scott Parslow  -  Parramatta  Time 49.16

2nd Place;    Albert Alonso - Waratahs

3rd Place;    Isacc Sliva – Bankstown Sports

D Grade 28.8k.

1st Place;    Anna Dubier   - LACC  and First Female Time 53.38

2nd Place;    Kat Coleman  - Penrith and Second Female

3rd Place;    Greg Fisher  –  Waraths

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