"Best Cycling Photo Competition”.

15 Aug 2018

" Best Cycling Photo Competition"

As part of the fun for our dinner on the 1st September, we will be giving away prizes for the “Best Cycling Photo”. 
There are 3 categories:
  1. Best action shot (e.g. racing)
  2. Best group shot (e.g. fondo rides, cafes etc)
  3. Best location shot (combination of the above 2 but with a heavy emphasis on the location, scenery etc) 
  • This is meant to be fun 
  • The Social Committee will decide the winners
  • The photo should ideally have been taken in 2018
  • Photos showing the new club kit will be held in high regard
  • There must be no road rules  broken or safety risks to participants
  • All entries should be sent to Bob Shields 
  • Entries close August 25th.
You don’t have long so get snapping and have some fun!!!

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