24 Hour Fondo ride in memory of John Bosko Zverina .

09 Dec 2016

This Saturday there will be a 24 Hour Fondo ride in memory of John Bosko Zverina .
Parramatta riders can join the ride at any time to share their feelings of support for Johns brother Jakub who posted the following story below,

Those that know me well know I live to ride. What they don't know is that it was my brother, John Bosko Zverina that inspired me to take up riding. Sadly he passed away last week aged 38. This weekend I will be doing a 24hr fondo ride in his honour at... Parramatta Pk. I'm starting 9am Saturday and finishing 9am Sunday.
John raced for LACC and Marconi back in the 90's as well as in the US. He was successful on the track, in crit and in the road races. Thanks to my mum we both have killer quads and John was an exceptionally strong rider. I always looked up to him and built my own strength trying to ride as fast him.
Living with mental health issues can get very lonely and cycling is a great way to clear the mind and combat the demons. Riding with friends and having a chat is even better. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or to have a chat. So get on your bike, have a chat with your friends and come and 'do a lap for John' this weekend.


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