Traffic Controllers Course for PCC Members

28 Mar 2016

PCC requires requires Traffic Controllers to assist with running races for the 2016 Road Season.

If you would like to assist by attending a Traffic Controllers course Cycling NSW will be running a course at Dunc Gray Velodrome on Saturdau April 23rd.

This course will be subsidized by PCC  so there will be no cost to members.

Details are as follows below.

Cycling NSW will be hosting a Traffic Control Course specific to Cycling at the Dunc Gray Velodrome on Saturday 23rd April from approx 8:00 - 5:00pm.

As some of you may be aware the traffic control course has recently been modified by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS). The course requirements have changed i.e. new training requires more hours on a revised syllabus. However there will be the elimination of needing to re-sit the course every three (3) years, subject to individuals successfully demonstrating current competency by way of submission of log books (advised at the training course). Cycling NSW is in a position to subsidise the cost of the course to $11Opp. This is a substantial saving given most courses cost over $300pp. Cycling NSW will lnvoice the club directly for the training fees. At this stage this is a one off assistance package. In future any subsidy on the course costs will be subject to CNSW being able to secure fuither grants from bodies like the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation. MAP Training (through the trainer John Black) will be presenting the course. The course is only 1 day in length with a mixture of theory and practical components. Applicants will have approx 3 months post course date to submit there practical assessment (outlined during the course). If you know anyone from your club who is interested in attending the course please advise ASAP with there member numbers. The course is limited to l5 people & applications are on a first come basis. Official applications forms and pre-course requireraents will be emailed out to the applicants once names are finalised. Should you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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