Parramatta Riders Excel at Eastern Creek

13 Jan 2016



Sunday was a good day for Parramatta CC at eastern creek raceway. We were represented in A, B & C grades.

 C grade however was the standout four Parramatta Cycling members lined up , Tristan Ziolkovski, Jason Tran fresh from running the New York marathon, Pete Vidler after riding 37,000kms in 2015 and Phil Lee at his first race for 2 years. 

The pace from the 41 starters was steady, 35km/hr average, without any serious attempts to break away leaving it down to a bunch sprint. Tristin rode a smart race, staying out of the wind and powered down the straight to claim a good win. Pete spent lots of time pushing the pace on the front and looked to have 2nd sown up until Jason squeezed past on the line for second, Pete third completing a Parramatta trifecta. 

Phil finished comfortably in the bunch and may need some more PCC company in C Grade with Tristin, Jason and Pete likely to be promoted to B grade. 


 B grade had Steve Higgins, Michael Hunt, Maca & Phil Gates in the mix. The racing was fast up until the prime when the pace came off a bit (thankfully). A single man breakaway on the second last lap stuck and it was a race for second Steve Higgins got 4th Ian Greenwood now a Waratah was 3rd. Steve is in his R& G kit the week but will have Parramatta kit for next race so he tells me!

 A grade was slim picking for Parramatta this week. Mike Ellis and Kevin Birkley were our only participants. Mike had a mechanical and pulled out before the finish.

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