Clothing Orders (Champion Systems)

16 Jun 2015

Hi club members

Champion System have a broader range of clothing options than the club keeps in stock.

For a limited time you can access this range. 

This is an opportunity for you to order things like winter gloves, fleece nicks, fleece long sleeve jerseys, caps, razor edge nicks, Winter jackets etc. the portal will be open again periodically if you miss out this time!

As well as club clothing there is also Race Team clothing.

Before you order race team clothing ask yourself 

Do I have a race licence? 

Do I race for PCC in club or open events

If you can answer YES to BOTH of these questions, then feel free to order race team kit where it is available.

The clothing web portal will be open from 16 June until 28 June for orders to be placed. Following review, the order will be processed with clothing being delivered 4 - 6 weeks later.

How to order clothing.

Follow the instruction on the PDF “Team member Step by Step Guide to create a CS Direct order”

Log in the the champion systems web portal

Logon:       parracc

Password:    parracc

Then provide your details

Look through all the items and select the items you would like.

Lycra Warmers are not available.
For jerseys select Reflective Piping. This is a no cost option to club members.

Club members get a 10% discount off normal Champ Sys pricing, but prices do vary from time to time.

You Pay directly to Champion system 

You can also get the goods sent directly to your address (for a small fee). 


If you have any queries at all about clothing or how to order ring Rob Sarfati on 80307080

It is important to note that the Club will continue to carry stock of basic items i.e. Nicks, jerseys, wind guard vests, gloves.

These can be picked up from Phil at any time or email at


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