John Beatty Memorial Handicap Results

02 Aug 2014

The John Beatty Memorial Trophy

IMG 5358

1st Place Peter Milostic IMG 5369

2nd Place Michael JaegerIMG 5371

3rd Place Ben DyballIMG 5372

4th Place Danny O'KeefeIMG 5373

5th Place John CooperIMG 5374

6th Place Jeff Tam IMG 5375

7th Place Peter Opsuma IMG 5376

8th Place Sil Zust IMG 5377

9th Place Ed White IMG 5378

10th Place Adam Lloyd IMG 5379


Thanks to all who made it a first class race and field and the supporters who came along to watch.

Thanks also to the Beatty Family, Matthew Sargent and Wes Hurrell for the great prizes and trophies.

Proud supporters and sponsors