Hints from David Rogers Club Masseur

27 Oct 2013

Hints from David Rogers Club Masseur

Cycling is a physically demanding sport which can involve hours in the saddle and short recovery periods followed by further long rides. Consequently many cyclists suffer with overuse injuries.

How to prevent Injuries

  • Make sure that you are properly fitted for your bike.
  • Visit a reputable bike shop and have them check your measurements and adjust your bike    accordingly.
  • If buying a new bike ensure you seek expert advice so they sell you the correct frame size.
  • Increase training gradually particularly if you are new to cycling or have just come back from injury.
  • Build up your base riding on the flat before tackling long hilly rides.
  • Training tends to be riding only which is great for the legs and buttocks but does little to strengthen the core muscles.
  • Give some attention to your core muscles with conditioning exercises.
  • Strong legs and arms that are  supported by a weak back and soft abdomen are a recipe for disaster.
  • Ensure that you stretch properly and frequently, particularly after a hard ride.
  • Pay attention to good nutrition and hydration.
  • Visit a Sports Massage Therapist for regular maintenance. 

How can Massage help cyclists

Massage therapy reduces adhesions, increases circulation, increases cellular metabolism, speeds up recovery time and increases tissue flexibility. Massage therapy scheduled within a training cycle or around big, intense rides is ideal for flushing through those muscles and smoothing them out. It encourages the body to rest, recoup, and rebuild.

What strategies are most suited to my needs?


 Professional and Semi Professional cyclists

A week before a race, pro cyclists follow a massage routine that begins with a deep tissue massage approximately four days prior to the competition. This provides enough time to recover from the heavy legged-feeling resulting from deep tissue manipulation. A gentle massage that flushes out toxins is excellent after a soft pedal ride approximately two days before a race.

A relaxation massage is ideal for the day before a race. Pro cyclists flock to massage tables to receive muscle therapy and get some motivation before a big competition. This has become a part of their pre-race routines and causes many cyclists to develop professional relationships with their massage therapists. This appointment is both a mental and physical therapy session for the rider.

Club Cyclists

The typical club cyclist should follow a similar routine, avoiding a deep tissue massage just before a big race. It takes about two days to recover from deep tissue manipulation and the buttocks and calves are typically the most sensitive areas. If a massage is necessary the day before a race, request a light one that involves just enough manipulation to loosen muscles.If money is tight, save up for a massage the day after a strenuous block of riding. This allows a few days for recovery and sets the tone for the remainder of the training week. A massage once every two weeks is enough to help the body adapt to a deep tissue massage and allow it to recover. By the big race, the body will be prepared for victory.

Treatment of cyclists with specific problems

  •  On the first visit I will consult with the client to identify the specific areas and develop a targeted approach to treat these areas.
  • By a process of testing I will identify problem areas and release tension which causes pain and lack of symmetry
  • Depending on the problem I will use a variety of techniques to best target those specific areas.
  • I can also release tension in neck muscles and increase the range of head motion.
  • For the older cyclist; I can help to reduce the effects of arthritic conditions and muscular pain.
  • For most clients I suggest stretching particular muscles. Regular correctly performed stretches will help to reduce muscle tension and make massage more effective
  • For some clients I may suggest that they start doing core strength exercises to build core strength and upper body muscle strength.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask David his contact details can be Found on his website.

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