Gran Fondo Beechworth

29 Apr 2013

The Gran Fondo Beechworth on April 21th was attended by six PCC riders Phil Lee, Les Crawford, Damien Pollard, Maurice Shannon, Matt and Bob Shields.

The ride started with great weather with a temperature of 9deg at the start getting to 20deg for the climb out of Stanley. The race was split into two groups with the Gran Fondo starting at 7:30am for 180klm and the Medio Fondo 80klm starting ar 8:00am.

The Gran Fondo riders did an extra 100klm loop with both groups going over the testing Stanley climb which continued for 10klm with grades exceeding 11%  this included included a KOM for the fastest rider. Following the ascent of Mt Stanley there was a fast 10klm downhill section back to the start finish at Beechworth.

This ride was extremely well organized and run on closed roads and can be recommended as a great weekend away .

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